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I need to know what coil spring isolators I should use for the front end of my '79 Trans Am. I bought new Eaton coil springs for a '78 Trans Am with a 400. I am unsure of which isolator to use. Should I use stock rubber, or should I replace and upgrade to poly? Also, do you offer replacement leaf springs for a '79 Trans Am? Should I use poly bushings? The springs I have now are very tired, and the bottom leaf is broken on the passenger side. I would like to raise the rear end of my car to stock height.

Thank You for all of you help. - Ed


I recommend the use of urethane instead of rubber in several areas of a vehicle's suspension. Urethane will not deteriorate like rubber does. Isolators, both for the front coil springs and the rear leaf springs, should be urethane. Neither locations receive any "cushion" from the isolators, they are used to dampen road vibrations.

The polyurethane isolators you are looking for are our Part Number 6053. They are sold per each.

Spring eye bushings are a different animal however. The spring eye bushings do provide dampening and unless you are seeking strictly performance and do not care about ride quality, stick with rubber spring eye bushings. I do not recommend using urethane spring eye bushings in place of rubber bushings.

Never fear Ed, we do offer Rear Leaf Springs for your vehicle. The correct part number for a 1979 Trans Am with 400 engine is ML231. They are a stock ride height spring, so will return you back to original height.

- Mike

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